The Rulers of Russia — by Rev. Denis Fahey

[I’m gonna do a kind of a press, but this is not strictly a press. Anyway, I’m doing this because I can’t do a reblog of a reblog.]

The Rulers of Russia book cover

A page from the Rulers of Russia book

Since Cartier decided to dig a link as well, I’m putting that one. You can read it from here:


VIDEO: The Communist Jews of Soviet Russia & Eastern Europe – ZIONIST REPORT

Watch this video to see how many jews have been involved in the several communist goverments of Eastern Europe, you will find names that are not very renowned… Thanks to Rudolf for posting it, and to Signasupervestes for giving me the link first on a comment, I tried to make a new post with the video and I couldn’t do it, since the video preview glitched out, somehow.