How to get to StormFront

It works! At least for the time being… But listen:
First, make sure that the .hosts file has the read-only mark unchecked. If not, it will save the changes to a similar files called hosts.txt… NOT THE .hosts FILE!
Second, do not forget to execute Notepad (or whatever you are using) as an administrator. If you do not execute Notepad as an admin, you will be unable to save the changes: it will toss you an “access denied” error.
Bearing in mind these crucial recommendations, follow the instructions of this tutorial. Also, these recommendations only apply to Windows users (like me). Your mileage may vary.

Un famoso foro de Internet, de contenido patriota occidental, ha sido atacado y derribado, se sospecha la mano de Anonymous

Están en la misma situación que Anglin. La compañía de registro de dominio ha decidido sacarles el dominio, sin dejarles renovar…

La Gazeta Occidental

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