Swedes Recommended to Stop Making Babies for the Sake of Environment

Swedes! Can’t you see the connection between White genocide and over obsession with environmental concerns? Guess what: the Somalis you import have almost four children per woman. That, will amount to the eventual genetic replacement of the Swedish nation. A Swede from one hundred years from now will not be the same Swede I was used to (aka, a White, usually blond Swede). Your overobsession with the enviroment is literally killing you, and those who will replace you won’t give a fuck about it, because they are uncapable of such an abstration. Also, global warming is bogus as hell. As for contamination… well, Somalis don’t give a damn, honestly. Just look at any African country, most of them live in shanty towns full of trash and contamination.

Sweden’s gone. Swedish journalist inquires into rape of 12 y/o girl. Police: ‘We can no longer cope with scale of sexual violence’

That’s what happens when you let MASSIVE numbers of the worst scum of the Earth enter without control… RIP Sweden, it was nice knowing you…

Swedish Green Politician Zaida Catalan who believed in Open borders and “equality of races” brutally shot in the back three times then decapitated while still breathing by homicidal prehumans!

Justice got served. Her “dahlings” turned against her. That should be a lesson for any white traitor that thinks that he should be helping niggaz. They are unhelpable. You could sow in the bottom of the sea and you would get more results.

Whites! Do you get what they are doing to you or not?? Sweden: White Women Told Not to Go Out Alone at Night Due to Rape Epedemic

The “joys” of dieversity! Before: A small city of 45,000 with virtually no crime. After: A small city of 45,000 with 8 rapes in two weeks. Whodunit…? Why, the poor Syrian refugees from Morocco, of course!