A title very apt for the post, given the nature of the images exhibited on the link…


This site proves beyond a doubt that the Jews OWN every country in the world and ALL of the U.S. politicians.   Remember, as you scroll down this site, EVERYONE of these leaders is deliberately handing us over to our executioners.  Why?  They think they will be spared in the coming slaughter because they ass-kissed the Jews.  They will probly be killed first!

We all need to get really pissed off and stop this.

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Hundreds of Refugee Welcoming Rabbis Gathering in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C. on August 31

See? jews and muslims hate us, they would love us dissappear from the map. Or, to put it in racial terms: jews, niggers, and sandniggers.



A National Rabbinic Symposium with hundreds of rabbis, cantors, thought leaders, influential policy makers will have a full day seminar on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Reminder that these are the same rabbis holding open the gates for their muslim bioweapons to flood into the United States.

Grand Hyatt Washington

1000 H Street NW

Washington, D.C., USA, 20001

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Why is Mahmoud Abbas letting children die in Gaza?

Watch a sellout! This guy really sells his own people! Truly disgusting!!


The deeply unpopular Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is helping Israeli occupation authorities inflict horrendous suffering on people in the blockaded Gaza Strip, as part of a cruel and cynical political game.

It is a campaign that in recent weeks has led to the deaths of more than a dozen Palestinians denied medical treatment outside Gaza – the most recent, a little girl called Yara Ismail Bakhit.

Israel and Abbas are doing this with the complicity of a so-called international community that remains silent about the unfolding catastrophe.

Closely allied with Israel, Abbas has long defined collaboration with its occupation forces as a “sacred” duty.

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britain is a jew shit hole:

Coppers are not your friends… they only protect and serve the State, not you.


1498034035975What kind of weirdo country even thinks like that?

The State: “Your pictures may offend someone and we would throw you in the gaol, so second guess everything you say or do, and therefore think.

“As we continue this campaign of paranoia, pay no mind to the savages we continue to import to your streets while they wreak havoc, murder and mayhem against unarmed citizens, especially in your nations capital, as we humiliate you and your ancestry before the whole world watching.”


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Normalizing Race Suicide: Argentina Edition.

Some White family working on virtue signaling, in Argentina.
Guess who has more chances to get eventually culturally enriched by friendly natives. (I can’t avoid feeling REALLY bad for that person, however).

Yeah, it seems that not only Americans or Europeans have the “privilege” of feeling virtuous by helping peeps that would stab them in the back if given a chance. Here is a “nice” article, translated via a little help from Jewgle Translate (I’m a bit of a hurry).

The municipal official Gustavo González took a risky decision with his family: move from Dina Huapi in Patagonia to Guinea Bissau. Next November he and his wife and three children will leave for Africa where they plan to spend the next two years collaborating with Agua x vida, a non-profit association whose objective is to provide aid to those who can not have access to this resource.

Yeah, right. Helping niggas to get water. Nice nice. Good virtue signaling to us people, as well. Leer más “Normalizing Race Suicide: Argentina Edition.”