Exactly How Are Western Values Superior to That of the Moslems?

Jews are at war with nature… Thus, their push for all these insanity. And yes, moodslimes can do whatever the fuck they want in their countries, we shouldn’t make the same mistakes than the stupid SJW do-gooders make. You can’t teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

The Problem With Illegal Immigration Thread

For the people who might stumble onto my blog for the first time, here is an explanation for you. See…? Capitalism (for you lefties) benefits from paying less to Juan Illegal, while it screws John Legal at the same time. You Communists/Liberals are the other side of the coin, the same coin that harbors Capitalism as well. Thus, you are fake opposition.

Hitler Was Always His Own Man

From Cartier’s blog and Tomato Bubble. May the old canard favorite of half-truthers and disinfo agents die, because it’s due. On any half truther site (and on any site that harps ‘bout the globalists and Rothschilds without mentioning that they are JEWS) you may find this bullshit. Five years ago, when I began researching this stuff I found several pieces that claimed this. I never believed them fully, even being unaware of the JQ. Now I see them as they are: BULLSHIT.