US Jewish-Zionist Group Tells Polish Institute to Fire Publisher of Books by ‘Denier’ David Irving

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A Jewish rights group is urging a Polish state historical institute to fire an official who has published several books by notorious British Holocaust denier David Irving. But the Polish historical body, the Institute of National Remembrance, says the official, Arkadiusz Wingert, is not a Holocaust denier himself so there is no reason to dismiss him. Wingert was appointed earlier this year as deputy director of the publishing office of the institute … The Simon Wiesenthal Center, headquartered in the United States, said it was a “shameful farce” to give Wingert responsibility for publishing works devoted to the victims of World War II, given that he had published the works of Irving and also of a Belgian Nazi collaborator, Leon Degrelle.

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The Big Hollywood Li­e: Denying Jewish Co­ntrol

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… The Jewish denial that Hollywood is controlled by Jews is a great lie which can be attested to by anyone who has ever been associated wi­th the film industry … It is positively insulting for them to deny their influ­ence and power — pa­rticularly when they themselves are cont­inually boasting in their own circles ab­out their “overrepre­sentation” in these fields. And it is ab­solutely infuriating when this denial re­aches the point that non-Jews are attack­ed by Jewish agitato­rs and Zionist zealo­ts for stating obvio­us facts and truth.

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How FDR Forced Hitler To Declare War on America.

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

Why Hitler Declared War on the United States

Establishment historians state that Adolf Hitler made a mistake when he declared war on the United States. For example, British historian Andrew Roberts wrote:

“It seems an unimaginably stupid thing to have done in retrospect, a suicidally hubristic act less than six months after attacking the Soviet Union. America was an uninvadable land mass of gigantic productive capacity and her intervention in 1917-18 had sealed Germany’s fate in the Great War.”[1]

Historian Martin Gilbert wrote in regard to Germany’s declaration of war on the United States,

“It was perhaps the greatest error, and certainly the single most decisive act, of the Second World War.”[2]

In this article I will explain why Hitler was forced to declare war on the United States.

American Steps Toward War

       In his State of the Union address to Congress on January 6, 1941…

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The Great Patents Heist

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Article from the The Barnes Review, March/April 1999, pp. 27-33.
The Barnes Review, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 100, Washington D.C. 20003, USA.
By John Nugent, freelance writer and NYC estate planner.

Source (with illustrations included):

One of the greatest ripoffs of all time was the theft of German patents after World War II.

It is quite acceptable to American pride to acknowledge that immigrants have contributed to our prosperity and greatness. It’s a little harder to swallow that a good deal of our scientific lead and prosperity – despite the ever-increasing burdens of non-skilled illegal immigrants and unproductive home-growns – has come from simply seizing German patents and inventions after World War I and far more so after World War II.1

There are those who claim the key to America’s felicity has been its Jewish citizens. After all, this is now a „service economy“ of stockbrokers…

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An old canard that later was to be revived, reloaded… World War One Anti-German Propaganda – false atrocity stories of “bayoneting babies” and “making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers”

[This is a press, although the original source doesn’t feature the posters you will see featured here. I changed a link from the original article, the source number 2 went bust. I replaced it with a Wayback Machine link of it.]


In war “it is necessary to invent lies about the enemy”:

“During the First World War most countries publicized stories of enemy soldiers committing atrocities. It was believed that it would help persuade young men to join the armed forces. As one British general pointed out after the war: “to make armies go on killing one another it is necessary to invent lies about the enemy”. These atrocity stories were then fed to newspapers who were quite willing to publish them. British newspapers accused German soldiers of a series of crimes including: gouging out the eyes of civilians, cutting off the hands of teenage boys, raping and sexually mutilating women, giving children hand grenades to play with, bayoneting babies and the crucifixion of captured soldiers.” [1]

With Executive Order 2594, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson established the “Committee on Public Information” to propagandize Americans into supporting U.S. entry into the war. Leer más “An old canard that later was to be revived, reloaded… World War One Anti-German Propaganda – false atrocity stories of “bayoneting babies” and “making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers””