Swedes Recommended to Stop Making Babies for the Sake of Environment

Swedes! Can’t you see the connection between White genocide and over obsession with environmental concerns? Guess what: the Somalis you import have almost four children per woman. That, will amount to the eventual genetic replacement of the Swedish nation. A Swede from one hundred years from now will not be the same Swede I was used to (aka, a White, usually blond Swede). Your overobsession with the enviroment is literally killing you, and those who will replace you won’t give a fuck about it, because they are uncapable of such an abstration. Also, global warming is bogus as hell. As for contamination… well, Somalis don’t give a damn, honestly. Just look at any African country, most of them live in shanty towns full of trash and contamination.

Remember The 14 Words

Known for being ecologically-minded, the Swedes are taking sustainability to a whole new level amid scientifically-based calls from researchers and environmental activists for young families to have fewer children to ease the burden on Mother Nature.

Many Swedes have in recent years been adapting their habits to a more sustainable lifestyle, which includes less driving, eating less meat and abstaining from transatlantic flights. However, environmental activists are not content with the sacrifices already made and are propagating sterner family planning in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

Known for being fucking idiots more like. This doesn’t even make sense. Import millions of non whites who have a lot more children that Swedes but ask Swedes to stop having kids to save Swedens environment?

I can’t even comprehend how retarded this is. Or comprehend how Swedes think it’s a good idea. Utter madness, at this stage I think Sweden should just…

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Europe must take “hundreds of millions of migrants” so that a new holohoax doesn’t happen.

Jewish logic. Fucking jews, they should all die.

Remember The 14 Words

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They’ll Kill You Even if You “Love” Them | National Vanguard

[That’s why you don’t let them near you, that’s why you don’t help them! Let them sink or swim, but do not interfere! Niggers are like grown children… with more testosterone, lower aggression inhibition and bigger bodies (than children). It’s on their DNA.]

They’ll Kill You Even if You “Love” Them

Saskia Burke and the Black arrested for killing her, William Gary Simpson

by David Sims

WHITE PEOPLE should never turn a friendly face toward Blacks, nor ever make yourself vulnerable to them by offering them your help. A young Black man named William Gary Simpson was allowed to share the home of a White family. He refused to accept a job when he was offered one. He refused to pay any rent. He became angry when he perceived that the White family valued each other more than they valued him, a stranger of another race who was receiving their charity. In his resentment, he stabbed three members of the family with a knife, wounding two men and killing the daughter, 18-year-old Saskia Burke, by stabbing her in the neck.

The same thing happens in Europe with Middle Eastern invaders. A 17-year-old Muslim male raped and murdered Maria Ladenburger, age 19. Maria’s father, Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, works as lawyer for the legal director of the European Commission. Now that he has tasted its poison fruit himself, I wonder if the grieving father continues to support the immigration policies of Germany…

GM’s comment: Me too. How suicidal can someone get? It’s a shame. You’ll see more of the consequences of this misguided altruism if you…

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Judgement Day for the entire nation

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please read through this carefully, and pay particular attention to those sections highlighted in red.

As we say here often, those who engage in the ridiculous assertion that Judaism and the toxic thought processes that it produces are inconsequential to the bigger events taking place on the world stage do so at the peril of the entire planet. Judaism is not some tangential philosophy being practiced by just a handful of cultists living in some remote mountainous area no one has ever heard of. It is LITERALLY the operating system of all Western politics/policies these days and maintains a stranglehold over the economic, cultural, military and media levers of western society, which is THE dominant player on the world stage these days.

Having said this, it is important to remember that the manner by which these rabbis carry themselves, in a very unassuming way, dressing very modestly, not living…

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