Ο Ουίνστον Τσόρτσιλ Αποκαλύπτεται Ως Εβραίος Και Επιπλέον Οι Στενές Σχέσεις Του Με Τον Οργανωμένο Εβραϊσμό ~ Zionist Winston Churchill Exposed As Jew And Moreover His Close Ties With Organized Jewry…! (Video + Photo)

Look at the hero of the Brits…… no, this warpig was actually the hero of the jews.


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The Enemy within and without

Jews have no loyalty to their hosts… They are only loyal to themselves… And they hate all of us.


Holodomor AvatarThe land of Europe has partook in her share of conflict though on the surface the lines are clearly drawn and the adversary patently defined as an enemy nation. Yet these sharp lines of strategy are instantly complicated by the Jewish element. It is in his very vocal wail of his apparent ‘diaspora’ that the nature of the Jew is revealed. The The wandering jewwandering or nomadic Jew perhaps meant to evoke sympathy for his supposed homelessness only exposes his international strategy. Gerald Soman, a prominent Jew disclosed that “we are Jews first, we are Englishmen second. Any Jew that professes to be a good Englishman is a living lie,” confirming a profound lack of loyalty to the nation providing residence. The international Jew also has a global language in which to conduct his business-Yiddish and takes advantage of the communication difficulties deriving from the perfusion of languages across Europe.

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Η Εναλλακτική Δεξιά Είναι Μια Ελεγχόμενη Αντιπολίτευση Που Χρηματοδοτείται Από Τους Σιωνιστές ~ The Alt-Right is Zionist Funded Controlled Opposition…! (Video)

The name alone should tell you something… Alt-Right means “alternative right”, that is, an alternative to the existent right-wing parties and its ideology: capitalism/conservatism. True Nationalsocialists/Fascists are above the definition/division between left and right parties, since both are two sides of the same coin. The same jewish coin. Since some of them are jewish, or have jewish connections themselves (close knit jewish connections, I mean), that should make you, at least, a bit suspicious of their real motives…


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Exposing Jewish infiltration of the Alt Right

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

I actually wrote and published this six months ago. Cool, huh?

In 2017, they call it doxxing. On June 30th, 1934, it went by another name. There is a purge, a cleansing, going on, of the ranks of the Alt Right, as tens of thousands of neophyte millennials are being instructed on what is acceptable, and what is not. Let’s review.

*Being ethnically Jewish is not acceptable.

*Being homosexual is not acceptable.

*Having sex with nonWhites is not acceptable.

*Being married to a nonWhite, is even less acceptable.

It doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? One wouldn’t think so. Just be a White heterosexual and only have sex with other White heterosexuals. But it’s been a hard lesson for some. For others, who are still slow learners, I’ll share this article originally posted a couple of days ago on Aryan Skynet, breaking down in bite-sized chunks some…

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VIDEO: Ricardo Hausmann Says Latin America Needs More Migrants

[Thanks to Signasupervestes who sent me this link… The jews want to turn the entire world into a shitter. “Import talent”, he says, tailoring the message to the needs of this subcontinent… Import talent my ass!! They are going to bring niggers and chinks, as they are already doing around here!! (Argentina.) We still don’t have so many niggers from Africa, but we have some chinks already… The only thing they do is to set supermarkets. And let’s not forget our nice neighbors, who know that we are the idiot version of the Salvation Army…]


It won’t just be the West that will be homogenized and be subject to Cultural Marxism — the Tribe has their sights on Latin America and Asia as well.

Ricardo Hausmann (born 1956) is the current Director of the Center for International Development and a Professor of the Practice of Economic Development at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is also a former Venezuelan Minister of Planning and former Head of the “Presidential Office of Coordination and Planning” (1992–1993). He co-introduced several regularly used concepts in economics including original sin, growth diagnostics, self-discovery, dark matter, the product space, and economic complexity.


See the original at: VIDEO: Ricardo Hausmann Says Latin America Needs More Migrants


A title very apt for the post, given the nature of the images exhibited on the link…


This site proves beyond a doubt that the Jews OWN every country in the world and ALL of the U.S. politicians.   Remember, as you scroll down this site, EVERYONE of these leaders is deliberately handing us over to our executioners.  Why?  They think they will be spared in the coming slaughter because they ass-kissed the Jews.  They will probly be killed first!


We all need to get really pissed off and stop this.

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AMERICA FIRST? Trump’s Record Shows Otherwise

[From Rudolf’s blog. I’d use the reblog button, but I want to add some other things to this… It’s a letter from the director of the Institute of Historical Review.]


Donald Trump began his presidency pro­mising an “America First” foreign policy. But he also says: “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent.” And he pl­edges “unbreakable” support for the Zion­ist state.

So which is it? Tr­ump can chart an “Am­erica First” foreign policy, or he can “fight for Israel 1,0­00 percent.” But he cannot do both.

One promise he’s kept is to align US policy with the Israe­l’s interests and ag­enda. President Trump is binding the Uni­ted States more clos­ely than ever to the Zionist state.

For Trump, Israel’s enemies are Americ­a’s enemies. In line with that, he threa­tens war against Ira­n. And he’s stepped up the US military role in the Syria con­flict, even ordering a missile strike ag­ainst a Syria air ba­se – a violation of both US law and inte­rnational law.

Along with other prominent politicians, Trump has made cle­ar, time and again, his submissive devot­ion to the formidable power of the pro-I­srael lobby. His rec­ord of pandering to influential Zionist groups suggests that he will do nothing to curtail Jewish-Zi­onist power and its grip on US foreign policy.

American taxpayers hand over more than $3 billion to Israel each year. That’s more than $8 million every day. It just doesn’t make se­nse. Those billions are needed here at home.

What’s needed are policies dedica­ted to the best inte­rests of the US and the world. And that means ending America­’s decades-old record of open-ended supp­ort for the Zionist state.

More than ever, it’s important to raise awareness about the powerful forces that promote war, injustice and oppres­sion, and which put Jewish-Zionist inter­ests ahead of what’s best for America and humanity.

The IHR is at the forefront in the glo­bal struggle for fre­edom and truth in hi­story. What we accom­plish depends on bac­king from men and wo­men like you.

Please help!

Faithfully yours,

Mark Weber
Director, Institute for Historical Review


[Indeed, Mr. Weber, Trump shills for Israel more than he cares for America. He is submissive to Israel because, among other things, his daughter is married to a jew!! A jew is his son-in-law!! What kind of White Nationalist, lets his daughter be married to a jew, or at least, he doesn’t bat an eye and goes along with his son-in-law? Huh…?



Thanks to Cowboy who posted these photos in a series of comments on the original post from Rudolf:

Satanic Zionist Jewess Ivanka Trump & husband Satanic Kushner both Dedicated Babylonian Talmudist, jewish supremists!
Satanic Zionist Jewess Ivanka Trump & her husband, the satanic Jared Kushner, both dedicated Babylonian Talmudists, jewish supremacists!


[Papa with his jew friends…]

Trump being officially certified as a Kosher Buttboy Amerikan Buffoon by the Satanic Chabad Lubavitcher psychopaths! And the ziopig is proud of his servitude & treason for Israel against the American people!
Trump being officially certified as a Kosher Buttboy Amerikan Buffoon by the Satanic Chabad Lubavitcher psychopaths! And the ziopig is proud of his servitude & treason for Israel against the American people!


Israhell’s craven unscruppless Buttboy Trumpowicz! He loves to bend over for these bloodthirsty murderous demons from hell!
Israhell’s craven unscruppless Buttboy Trumpowicz! He loves to bend over for these bloodthirsty murderous demons from hell!


Remember what does Trumpster say:

“We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.” -Donald Trump. (link to quote here).