This blog sometimes is wrong. I make mistakes sometimes.
I’m not perfect, I’m just a human being. However, my mistakes are not made of malice, they are only mistakes.
So, not everything that I write will be always right at 100 percent. I don’t try to pass as a journalist. But I make everything that is at my hands and means to write as close to the Truth as possible — or at least, what I consider as Truth –.
This blog it’s just an effort of someone who is tired of seeing lies being peddled and passed as truth. If the people that does this is aware of this or not, I don’t care. The result is always the same.

I don’t care about fame or being the leader of any movement. Fame it’s a double-edged sword over the head of whom possess it. Ego (and egos) are often detrimental to this cause.
So, you can quote content from this blog. If you want, you may quote the source (this blog). I only ask you to not steal shamelessly the content of this blog. Not for pride, but just because it’s wrong. It shows a lack of honor (and it’s a very un-Aryan thing) to steal something and pretend that you wrote it, specially if you can write something of your own.
I try to quote the sources to sustain whatever I write here. If you like or not my sources, it’s your problem. If they are too many or too few, too.
An additional point I make for you readers of the English version of this disclaimer: sources will vary across the Spanish posts and the English posts. It’s impossible to avoid that, not matter how hard I try.
Another point for you (probably for both), there will be things unique to each section of the blog. I may translate something I wrote to either language if I think it’s useful to people of both languages. If not, I won’t, unless there’s a special demand for that, that probably won’t be there (I don’t think that English-speaking readers will be that much interested in Argentinian stuff or news).
If I write something, generally I’ll do it with my own content (I’ll write my own posts). In cases that are not fully like that, I’ll quote the source.
About images, I’ll try to put images without rights or in the public domain, or ultra-posted. On these cases, I won’t quote from where I lifted them. (And, if you want to know, one word: Jewgle (or Google). Or the duckduckgo search page.
If it seems to me that they are unique, I’ll quote the site where I found them.
About pingbacks, you can always check the original. I’ll never write the entire post if it’s a pingback, only a primer, unless it’s a special case. Even in that case, I’ll quote the source.
About links, I put whatever seems more accurate and helpful, and the things I like. Maybe it will change in the future. Nothing is set on stone.
And about that, if you really like something, (from this blog or somewhere else), the best you can do is download it and copy it on physical media. Distrust the cloud. Nothing is eternal on the internet, more so this kind of “problematic” content.

About social media, I never liked the concept. So this blog it’s my only social media of relevance. If you use them or not, that’s your thing. The only way that I might use any social media could be to post this kind of content and not to tell people whatever I ate last Saturday or to post pictures of my dog. Whatever I eat and my dog are private matters. Mine. Not of the rest of the world, and specially not of the alphabet agencies.
I hope to have solved some of your questions about this blog.

Gas Mask.