Democracia y propaganda, por el Dr. William Luther Pierce [Traducción al español]

[Esta es una traducción de la transmisión original «Democracy and Propaganda» del Dr. William Luther Pierce. El original (en inglés) se puede encontrar en el blog del Der Stürmer, aquí. He quitado el vídeo, ya que el audio de este (sin subtitulos), por obvias razones está en inglés.]

Democracia y propaganda

Dr. William Pierce


Aprecio la retroalimentación que recibo de los oyentes, quienes me brindan sus respuestas a mis transmisiones, que me dicen acerca de sus propias preocupaciones e ideas, y que a veces me dan información sobre noticias de las cuales no podría haberme enterado de otra manera.

Una cosa de la que me recuerdan todo el tiempo, viendo la retroalimentación de los oyentes es que, muchos de ellos aun no han asimilado el mensaje que he incluido en prácticamente cada transmisión, y que se trata de la importancia central del control judío de los medios en todos nuestros problemas. Muchos oyentes, quizás hasta la mayoría, aun creen que, de alguna manera, cuando el público blanco se exaspere lo suficiente, podremos salir de nuestros problemas votando. Cuando he dicho que todo el proceso democrático es una estafa, una ilusión, en la era de la televisión, no me han creído. Ellos aun se mantienen aferrados a la noción que la democracia es inherente en la vida blanca, que está con nosotros para quedarse, y que debemos confiar en ella para resolver nuestros problemas. Esta noción parece haber sido implantada tan profundamente en sus conciencias que les tomará un verdadero trauma para desecharla. Bueno, puedes estar seguro de que ese trauma está en camino, pero mientras tanto nos incumbe a algunos de nosotros entender la situación. Continuar leyendo «Democracia y propaganda, por el Dr. William Luther Pierce [Traducción al español]»

An old canard that later was to be revived, reloaded… World War One Anti-German Propaganda – false atrocity stories of «bayoneting babies» and «making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers»

[This is a press, although the original source doesn’t feature the posters you will see featured here. I changed a link from the original article, the source number 2 went bust. I replaced it with a Wayback Machine link of it.]


In war «it is necessary to invent lies about the enemy»:

«During the First World War most countries publicized stories of enemy soldiers committing atrocities. It was believed that it would help persuade young men to join the armed forces. As one British general pointed out after the war: «to make armies go on killing one another it is necessary to invent lies about the enemy». These atrocity stories were then fed to newspapers who were quite willing to publish them. British newspapers accused German soldiers of a series of crimes including: gouging out the eyes of civilians, cutting off the hands of teenage boys, raping and sexually mutilating women, giving children hand grenades to play with, bayoneting babies and the crucifixion of captured soldiers.» [1]

With Executive Order 2594, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson established the «Committee on Public Information» to propagandize Americans into supporting U.S. entry into the war. Continuar leyendo «An old canard that later was to be revived, reloaded… World War One Anti-German Propaganda – false atrocity stories of «bayoneting babies» and «making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers»»


This! And do not forget that only White people can be «racist» (racism as in having a negative flaw)…
Racism (or racialism) is merely preferring your racial ingroup rather than other racial groups. Every race in Earth displays this behavior, and all of them do it at even higher extents than Whites. White people tend to be, in fact, color blind. For the sake of fairness and justice we may give more credit to a black man well adjusted to our culture, rather than a White man not so well adjusted. Jews, the mongrel group par excellence, display the highest racial loyalty as well. This is a weapon that the jewry uses to knock a healthy instinct. A propaganda weapon that has worked very well, because it exploits the weaknesses and strong points of the Aryan mind. Fairness, goodness and the striving for perfection are some of the weak points they exploit.

Sending Children to University is NOT the Way Forward – It Plays Right into the Globalist Plans

[So true. People today are paying to be brainwashed, and besides, there will be fewer and fewer jobs anyway. When machines learn to repair/program themselves, our future will be toast. Yes, even IT jobs won’t be that necessary. That train is leaving the station, folks.]

On both sides of the Atlantic we have seen a decade long push to have more and more people apply for university placement. Is this because governments see a “full-education” as the most practical way of removing people from poverty? or is there a more sinister reason?
The principle by which a university degree helps people earn more is based on the idea of specialist knowledge and skill sets: a select, lucky, few have skills or knowledge that is a) necessary to others and b) marketable in such a way that a reasonable payout can be offered. But this is no longer true today…

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The essence of “propaganda” in Germany

Managing Director of the Hanse Press.

Propaganda is a word often pronounced with a certain intonation, and the word is associated with ideas like prejudice, exaggeration and but little discrimination in the selection of means and methods. In fact, propagandists have been thought of as cold-blooded and calculating creatures whose stock-in-trade is deception, not to say lies.

But such conclusions are unfair. It does not give consideration to the fact that every manifestation of human life has its positive and negative symptoms. Obstinacy may mean strength of character – or merely stubbornness; national feeling exists next to narrow-minded Chauvinism; real piety finds its counterpart in bigotry, and in hypocrisy. Both varieties grow in the same soil, and yet they are separated by a whole world. Only those who judge are often unable to differentiate between the real and the false. They do not notice the difference between the propagation of an idea and the yells of a cheap-jack. Like a boomerang, such an error returns to its sender. Remarks of an English paper that the general participation of the public in the Jubilee of the sovereign was a “mob” would be on the same level as referring abroad to demonstrations in National Socialist Germany as staged get up. There are critics everywhere who dissect and label every feeling, and attribute it to the lowest possible causes. They are only satisfied when they belittle in others what is, in most cases, missing in themselves…

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