Swedish Journalist Who Worked On Diversity Project Shot In No Go Zone. 


Individualism and Alienation

Der Stürmer

by Dr. William Pierce

Most of the comments I receive from listeners are very supportive, but I do get some hate mail as well. Most of the hate mail is either nutcase stuff from people who have some personal problem, which they project onto me, or it’s from lemmings who are very indignant that I’m not in step with everyone else in the mass media. They just need someone to hate, and I think it makes them feel better if they tell me what a rotten person I am.

But I also receive a somewhat more thoughtful type of hate mail from people who curse me because I can’t understand that race really doesn’t count. They tell me that I should never judge another person as a member of the race to which he belongs, but only as an individual. They tell me that many Blacks are law-abiding, hardworking…

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( ESP ) Terror en España – Cárcel para los patriotas españoles y dejan en libertad a los golpistas catalanes

El mundo del revés… Mientras los separatistas catalanes hacen lo que quieren, a los patriotas españoles los encarcelan.

La Gazeta Occidental

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Excellent thread on the total Jewish control of the Transatlantic Slave Trade went viral a 2nd time. In true fashion, I was banned.3rd times a…

Remember The 14 Words

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Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape

Remember The 14 Words

Whenever a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” commits a terrorist outrage the reaction of the liberal élite is always the same: The attack has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about the infidel.
It is exactly the same with rape: It has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about women—especially infidel women.
Nor does terrorism or rape committed by immigrants from Africa, the Middle East or the Indian sub-continent, ever have anything to do with mass immigration.


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Raza es cultura

editorial kamerad

Raza es cultura

Raza es cultura

Raza es cultura (2 pags.)




“Y hay que entender más que nada que la raza es un concepto psico-físico. Si bien nosotros, a simple vista y sin pensar mucho, lo único que podemos notar son diferencias físicas por ser la vista el sentido principal del hombre, las diferencias psíquicas existen en nosotros tanto como en cualquier otro animal que posea divisiones raciales.”

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How to get to StormFront

It works! At least for the time being… But listen:
First, make sure that the .hosts file has the read-only mark unchecked. If not, it will save the changes to a similar files called hosts.txt… NOT THE .hosts FILE!
Second, do not forget to execute Notepad (or whatever you are using) as an administrator. If you do not execute Notepad as an admin, you will be unable to save the changes: it will toss you an “access denied” error.
Bearing in mind these crucial recommendations, follow the instructions of this tutorial. Also, these recommendations only apply to Windows users (like me). Your mileage may vary.

The Roper Report

For those who are still not able to get onto StormFront, even though the domain name should be recovered this week, here are the instructions on how to edit your hosts file to workaround the dns:

On Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, all you need to do is edit your hosts file. Just add this line, standing all alone by itself, to the existing hosts file with Notepad or a similar text editor: stormfront.org www.stormfront.org

As an alternative, you can also use this (but don’t use both at the same time): stormfront.org www.stormfront.org

If you don’t know how to edit your hosts file, see the instructions at this link:


Please share this workaround with others.

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