Outrageous Tales

This comes from a post from Rudolf’s blog with a list of links I’ve found a few days ago. It’s a list of “witnesses’ testimonies”, aka Holocaust survivors that try to outdo each other on the level of brazen lies they can tell. Here you can find, including, but not limited to: eating-and-shitting diamonds tales, kids that went three years without water because they found magic pebbles, baby burning pits, lampshades made with human skins, and more. This is probably not an entire list, because the jews have invented too many tales throughout the last 70 years, aided by their control of the press, governments and their victimism, which is nothing more than a farce. The real victims were the Germans, who sadly, seem to have forgotten that part of their history, thanks to the brainwashing techniques they have been submitted to. Without much more ado, I present the link at Rudolf’s page for you to see:


I might post the links myself on this page if the need arise. I don’t like stealing others work, so for now I’ll post the link to the original post here.