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Remember The 14 Words

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Does Your Child Listen to ‘Loud, Heavy Rock Music’? He Might Be a Neo-Nazi

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Remember The 14 Words

Titled Signs of a Child Being Part of a Hate Group, the Calgary Police Service issued a list of signs that worried parents should look for in their children. Reading through the list, you’ll find common warning signs like violent behavior and stereotyping certain ethnic or religious groups. The police force also urged parents to remain vigilant for behavior such as children wearing or displaying Nazi propaganda.


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Deep Poetry for the Lulz — The Power of Art: “supremacist” Poetry

[From Rudolf’s blog:]

Yeah I know…you have all got a limited amount of time to dedicate to the pleasures of the soul. You skim through dozens of new posts and pick one or two of them, which you feel might sound more adherent to your vision.

Yet you carefully avoid arguments sounding somehow connected to your studies, back in the day. Wrong!

Poetry is important nowadays as it has been for centuries. A faithful & devoted companion to mankind.

But why, you will legitimately ask, do you stress this concept now and here? Why you, as an anonymous blogger, do think we, as readers, should deepen the subject or even show some focalized interest in it…?

If you want to check out the poetry, you need to click here