The Slaying of a Viking: The Epic of Vidkun Quisling

"Neues Europa"

In honour of the 130-th birthday of Vidkun Quisling

Source: the book Heroes of the Reichby Michael Walsh

An excellent PDF version of the article at Barnes Review

By Michael Walsh

You will be my historical witness. The day will come when I will need it,” said the Norwegian Prime Minister Vidkun Quisling to his secretary, Franklin Knudsen. The national leader’s words were spoken with great solemnity as the two men sat in a room of Oslo’s Grand Hotel on the 18* April 1940. Nine days earlier their country had fallen to the forces of the Third Reich, victims of a conspiracy masterminded by England’s unelected leader Winston Churchill.

Churchill’s aim, to cut Germany’s essential ore lifeline, was yet another of his acts of war against a non-belligerent neutral country. The conspiracy was later exposed by his ally. Prime Minister Paul Reynard of France: “Churchill came to…

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Corneliu Zelea Codreanu ~ A Man Who Saw Clearly



“We do not remember that our people – during our sad but proud Romanian history – at any time tolerated being dishonoured. Our fields are full of the dead, but not of cowards. Today we are free men with the consciousness of our rights. Slaves we are not and never were. We receive death, but not humiliation. Rest assured, we have sufficient moral strength left to find an honourable exit from a life we cannot support without honour and dignity” -Corneliu Codreanu

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Brexit was only the beginning.

Not everyone is a pussy!! Some people still have balls!!


10,000 white men march on London!

Ten thousand white men descend upon London to oppose islam. The Left is collapsing as they realise the working-class is STILL comprised of “conservative” Whites. Anti-Anglo kikes BTFO as Anglos prove once again that they are truly the master race. Jews feeling uneasy and hoping Tommy Robinson can convince the rest of England that Israel is their greatest ally. And last but not least…


Rule Britannia!

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Papa must be so proud!

Those niggers won’t be fucking around any more…


149829334870813 year old white kid engages two negroes who try to break into his house
the negroes actually return fire
white kid doesn’t care, kills one, shoots another and continues to shoot at his car as he flees down the road like it’s a fucking movie

What the fuck did you do with your life by the time you were 13? This kid is already killing negroes like fucking John McClane.

-be american teen boy
-chilling in ur McHouse
-2 dindus enter your McHouse armed with McPistols
-Turns out you’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life
-You whip out your McSpecial Semi Automatic
-Empty Magazine
-1.5 KDR
-Dont lose any of your McStuff
-Dont lose your McLife either

Turns out training your kids how to use weapons isn’t so bad.

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