Facts and Lies about Hitler


Adolf Hitler y el sacrificio nacionalsocialista

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Adolf Hitler y el sacrificio nacionalsocialista


Adolf Hitler y el sacrificio nacionalsocialista (2 pág.)




“Adolf Hitler era un hombre quien se sacrificó él mismo, toda su vida, por su pueblo. El gran sacrificio es una característica intrínseca del nacionalsocialismo, es decir, el sacrificio de lo individual para el bien de la mayoría. Esto es por qué un solo nacionalsocialista vale tanto como cien demócratas o comunistas. Esto es lo que nos hace tan fuertes y tan temidos.”

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Hitler’s Euthanasia Program Proves no Holocaust

Here you see an example and a counterexample… The euthanasia program was well known for the Germans at the time. There is proof that this program really existed. Now, think of the Holocaust. No proof, people didn’t know ‘bout its existence until they were told it existed (by the victors), the Germans weren’t physics nor did have powers of telepathy, etc.
It just doesn’t add up.

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

Editors Comment: I know, weird huh?

Wears War on the lies, liars & WWII is the battle to bring fake history into accord with the facts… whatever those facts may prove. The truth is that Hitler and National Socialism were neither 100% perfect nor 100% evil. However, the evidence indicates that National Socialism was a better alternative to Marxism and the puppets we get for prime ministers and presidents in our so-called democratic countries.

Cultural Marxism and our modern day ‘leaders’ have brought degeneracy and tyranny into our western nations. We are all now drowning in debt under the creation of the Rothschilds’ central banking frauds. Our western nations are sinking under the weight of open borders, welfare and crony ‘capitalism’ which concentrates businesses into fewer and fewer hands as police stand down and thugs take control of our streets. None of this would have been possible under Hitler’s National…

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The Führer and his Movement

Der Stürmer

Historical Overview by Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler

Adolf Hitler our Saviour

The „German Workers Party”, founded by Schriftleiter Karl Harrer on the 5th of January 1919, had almost no political existence. The six members of the party formed a union of well-meaning nationalist men who knew about the fateful activities of Marxism and thus had united with the purpose of giving the German working-classes back to the nation. Although the knowledge of these men was perfectly true, they were not capable of translating their plans into reality. They had no money but that was not the worst part. They lacked a general grand idea that could have guided them in their fight. Alone and helpless they faced a world that either intentionally ignored them or did not even know that they existed. They simply did not know how to attract the people’s attention and most likely they would never have exceeded the importance of…

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