White Privilege?


White Men Build Things: Building a Highway (1948 Educational Film)


10 minutes. I’ll bet you never knew that so much organization and science went into building a highway. Fascinating. I don’t know that we do any better today than was done in 1948. I enjoyed watching this nostalgic look back in time. Maybe you will too.

Youtube title: Building A Highway – 1948 Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films shows us how highways were built in the 1940’s. Shows surveying, earthworks, laying of the concrete pavement.

WDTVLIVE42 – Transport, technology, and general interest movies from the past – newsreels, documentaries & publicity films from my archives.

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Professional Mudsharking

A sad sight. Now she is lost.

The Roper Report

by Hewitt E. Moore

The Mudsharkians patented mudsharking as a profession. They have zero talent, excluding marketing themselves as toad-lovers who will give up those fat asses to any black buck with a name and some cheddar, yet they are in the eyes and ears of anyone not blind or deaf. Now that the (((media))) has desensitized Murica with their constant onslaught of the Mudsharkian soap opera, Muricans have become bored with them (degeneracy is a stairway to a psychological hell; today’s taboo is tomorrow’s norm). Just as excessive porn causes erectile dysfunction, excessive mudshark promotion by the (((you-know-who’s))) has Muricans looking for the next pretty blond who will let some low IQ beast fondle her on the red carpet. She doesn’t need talent, just a pretty face and the morals of a blind and broke harlot in desperate need of a fix.

Enter one Lindsey Vonn. A snow skier…

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American Nationalism

Stand or Die

This excellent article, which explains the Alt Right purpose, actually applies to all Whites everywhere, regardless of nationality or borders.  As we are now in the minority, we can’t expect only Nationalism to save us.


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