There Was Once a Time When Africa Flourished. I Wonder Why That Was?

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We’ve often heard the term “failed state” in reference to a country that has completely imploded on itself. I’m afraid many of us in the not too distant future will become quite closely acquainted with this term. However in most things there is always the option of “going big, which brings us to Africa. You really can’t call any single nation in Africa a failed state because, well all of them pretty much are. So in the case of Africa, we’re looking at an actual failed continent. Why this is has remained a mystery for decades now (for some strange reason in past centuries it wasn’t a mystery). The mystery deepens when you also consider that wherever blacks congregate in other countries, those areas become failed areas as well, be it a failed city, failed neighborhood or failed apartment complex. How can we learn the truth of this inexplicable mystery? One…

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The 120th Birthday of Reichsminister Dr. Joseph Goebbels

"Neues Europa"

Books and articles by Reichsminister Dr. Joseph Goebbels:

Joseph Goebbels – Selection of Articles and Speeches (1933-1945) [external link]

Joseph Goebbels: Nazi-Sozi

Joseph Goebbels: 30 Articles of War for the German People

Joseph Goebbels: My Part in Germany’s Fight

– David Irving’s famous biography: Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich:

– Video-slideshows with photographs of Dr. Goebbels:

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​The Racechist Juggernaut Exposed

Truth Darts

1. Introduction
The signs are growing ever more ominous that we are currently nearing the end of the epoch of Western Civilization as it has existed for more than 1000 years. A growing number of scholars and commentators have started to point towards an inevitable and ignominious collapse of the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
The red lights in that regard have indeed been flickering for quite a while, but thus far nobody has wanted to take note of them… or more correctly, in true Pavlovian tradition, we have been successfully conditioned to completely ignore the ominous signs of our own demise as being an insignificant matter… even something to look forward to… a ‘wonderful transformation’ lying just behind the horizon, a kind of singularity. Even more astounding is the fact that practically the entire white race is currently subject to such an extreme psychological tyranny that the…

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