Nationalists could storm to power in Austrian election thanks to THIS man, really? 🤔 ALWAYS ALWAYS google these guys, more often than not…

More fake opp… There’s no exit, we can’t get out of this mess within the framework of the judaic system…

Autor: Gas Mask

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5 opiniones en “Nationalists could storm to power in Austrian election thanks to THIS man, really? 🤔 ALWAYS ALWAYS google these guys, more often than not…”

    1. That’s true…
      We can’t allow ourselves to be nice to others either (and with others I mean people of other races)…
      Let them sink or swim, no one will help us to swim except ourselves. It’s time we stop being the saviors of non-Whites, and the idiot’s version of the Salvation Army too.

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  1. We need to burn the fucking bible, written by jews to weaken us. Turn the other cheek, do good to those that persecute you, love your enemies, if he takes your purse, give him your cloak, as well. Blah fucking blah. We need to be on fire with the most burning hell fire hatred of these cunts so we can wipe them out down to the last man, woman and child. Nothing less will do.

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    1. We are on the same page…
      I agree, nothing of half-assed solutions. The other day I read an article that described the jews’ M.O, the screwy rats they are, blah, blah, blah. All fine and dandy… But guess how it ended. It ended saying something like this: «the antisemites of the Catholic Church couldn’t solve the JQ, the antisemites of the Nationalsocialist party couldn’t solve it either, we need to love the jews and give them love if we want to solve the jewish question…»
      WTF!!!!! I was about to reblog it, until I read that last paragraph. Fuck off, you can’t love someone who is HELLBENT on destroying you.
      Darn. I don’t remember well from whence it came, but I thought «this guy is fucking nuts».

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  2. Find it and post it with your above comments. We need to see who is just about…..then skidding to a stop. Maybe we can contact them and push them forward. It’s part and parcel of the «love thine enemy» crap.

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