4 comentarios en “Jews, Muslims and the oppression of rules”

  1. According to Ben Klassen, the jews invented Islam along with Christianity. My guess is to have goyim focused on the wrong “religion” as the tenants of Judaism( destroying all gentiles) become more apparent.

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    1. Islam and Christianity are different,
      because they are intended for different peoples…
      Think. Muslims are usually, let’s resume it in one word: Coloreds.
      Christians, OTOH, are usually White.
      We know by now how coloreds are: Brutish, merciless (especially to their own kind), unpredictable… and a bit dumb.
      Whites can commit to a set of rules a bit easier, and usually are not so dumb. But we have a fatal flaw, we are too altruistic with other people who are not like us…
      Islam is far more regulated and its punishments are more brutal for everything bad they do… Christianity (no matter flavor) usually is more forgiving… or not so merciless.
      Coloreds need a strong, fearless hand that doesn’t shudder from exerting power in its most brutal manifestations. With the power to decide between life and death. Even with that, they sometimes can’t help doing bad deeds… and getting a punishment that, for us, is far disproporcionate to the crime… But the colored need for a strong hand is there, was there, and will be there.
      Probably they also need this “strong hand” to decide even in the minute aspects of their lives. Because simply, they would be lost without it…
      We Whites, on the other hand, don’t need such a strong external authority… We have our conscience and our childhood training (we are good boys and girls that have been reared correctly by their parents, right?) to show us the way…
      Thus we aren’t so keen on punishing each other with such callousness. Of course, one might stray and do bad things, but being merciless a la Muslim way doesn’t sit well with us. We have jails, and we might have even death penalties, but in that case, it only happens for the most horrendous crimes.
      TL;DR: The jews adapted their religion cleverly to destroy us goyim, but in different ways. For coloreds (other Semites and Africans, in general) there is Islam. For Whites (usually) there is Christianity. The adaptations stem from differences in mindset, customs and culture. In a word: race.

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  2. Yes, that’s right; well dissected. Niggers DO need the most brutal rules and punishments.

    I have cold & it’s going to be 100+ degrees next coupla days & then 97° then on down. I’ll be a little sparse.

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