Israel Must Perish! [The Book that the Jews Really Hate!]

[This book is a parody of a very sick plan the jews, indeed, devised for Germany. A plan on where mass sterilization was one of its tenets. The jews kvetch because they don’t like things being turned onto them… Tough luck. If they weren’t such bastards, they wouldn’t have the troubles they have. They wouldn’t have half of the world hating them, and the other half lulled and deceived so they don’t hate them… If they wake up, it’s curtains for the jews. And they know it.]

[Added link. Was going to link the Judepedia review on the book, but it’s too full of lies to even consider that. Pukeworthy. I know that the Judepedia is that, a Judepedia, but it’s too much, even for their shitty standards. Of course, since it’s a Hasbara/CIA front anyway…]

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What World Famous Men Have Said About the Jews [Full]

[This is a list of famous personalities that have talked about the perfidy of the jews. Here’s a full list of them, together with their thoughts on the JQ (Jewish Question) and Jews themselves. Notice the timespan of them, and the variety of backgrounds, walks of life they span across. Could they be all wrong…? Save it for later, because it’s too long to read in a sitting…]

Here’s the source:

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