Upcoming Genocide in South Africa

If you wanna help people living in Africa, here is your chance!!



I am not a South African, but I cannot do nothing while the mainstream media ignores everything and sweeps it under the rug. If organizing what few of you that will listen to educate and/or donate is all I can accomplish, then that is better than nothing.

Stefan Molyneux video with spokesperson for the Suidlanders group (white south Africans preparing for the onslaught).

Forced land redistribution legislation set for August is the line in the sand that the Whites will not cross and as such will give the EFF and other filth the excuse to begin the genocide in South Africa.

GenocideWatch has South Africa at 6 (out of 8) in the genocide ranking: The Planning Phase (8 being the extermination itself).

Dr. Gregory Stanton, expert on the topic of Genocide (the man who correctly predicted the Rwandan Genocide almost to the day) says that the early warning signs for…

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