Multiculturalismo – Las mujeres occidentales se sienten inseguras y temen salir solas en sus propios barrios ( 22 julio, 2017 )

La Gazeta Occidental

Hemos conocido determinadas encuentas, crímenes silenciados, violaciones incesantes, y casi siempre la víctima es la mujer occidental. Casos como los de no poder pasear por determinadas zonas y barrios en París, en zonas con mucho flujo de inmigración como en Suecia, Italia, y además por supuesto Alemania. Posiblemente sea en todo Occidente donde los occidentales han sido obligados a convivir con gran cantidad de gentes no occidentales. Lo que derrumba el famoso mito del Racismo, en cambio los occidentales sufren el conocido como Racismo anti-blanco en sus propias naciones occidentales debido a las políticas criminales y negligentes de los políticos bajo el signo sionista ( La Masonería ).

Una situación alarmante, donde las mujeres buscan la escolta de los hombres occidentales exclusivamente, aunque dependiendo de cómo está la situación ya no se puede confiar ni siquiera en ellos ; ya que hay muchos que simpatizan con las ideas de anarquismo…

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Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

4 opiniones en “Multiculturalismo – Las mujeres occidentales se sienten inseguras y temen salir solas en sus propios barrios ( 22 julio, 2017 )”

  1. I have Google Translate button on my tool bar and while yours is always the best I got the gist of it. While females here in the US don’t have the extensive problem Europe does, it’s coming. Our main problems are the niggers raping White women ever since (or before) the Civil War which was why the Ku Klux Klan originated to protect Southern women after the war, most of whom were left alone in the after math when their men were killed/disabled from the war.

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    1. You see how the media distorts the truth. You see, before I was an «evuul NaZZi», I believed the official narrative about the Ku Klux Klan. That they were evil, mad, disgusting racist bigots, etc.
      We don’t have a problem with rapes either, but we have problems with: delinquency, (although it hasn’t got at the levels that you have with the niggers shooting themselves and the like.), foreigners (our neighbors) being freeloaders and dealing with drugs (Argentina is the second consumer of cocaine in the region, only after the US… As our population is eight times smaller, that’s a problem).
      But heck, even in the small back of the woods where I live you gotta be careful. It wasn’t always like that, when I was a child it was safer… Now you see the police patrolling every night, something that didn’t happen when I was a kid. Seeing a police car patrolling my neighborhood was a rare sight. Now it’s common. Almost every day I see, at least once, one police patrol. Either on foot, or on their cars.
      It’s a reflection of how bad things went for the last 15 years… To have some memories of a safer place as a child… being not so old, it’s something that shocks me, to say the least.

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  2. I,too, have memories of a safer time. Unfortunately, as the population expands so does the crime. A force of nature, to be sure. And since the expansion is mostly lowlife, low IQ mudraces, it is worse then ever and will continue.

    Duke’s book, My Awakening, goes in to his life and how he came to realize the truth. It’s quite long and you may want to just skim his personal stuff but he aptly explains the KKK and how they came to be. That alone is worth it.

    Haz clic para acceder a my-awakening-david-duke.pdf

    Duke & corresponded briefly but when I told him of the jews ultimate agenda is our extinction, he cut me off and refused to even read the links I sent. Too bad, he’s a smart man but will never go far enough.

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    1. Sounds more like semi-awoke then… The jews’ interests and ours will never be the same, they never were, nor they are meant to be… Whoever refuses to see that is wasting his/her own time, and fooling himself/herself.

      Me gusta

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