Jewish Tactics [Of Ill Persuasion]

Jews, jews, jews… always talking about those damned jews. What’s your beef with the Jews, Gas Mask? You are obsessed with them.

That’s right. Always talking about those damned jews. I’m as repetitive as a broken disc. Jews this and jews that, jews those and jews who.

Well, that’s one of their tactics. Don’t believe me?

Tell me what you associate with jewish people.

What comes immediately to your head?

The holo-

The holo-


Aye aye, you said it. Why it came to your mind, sir?

That’s because the jews repeat it over and over again. They never get tired of repeating their plight at hands of the “eevuul Notzees”. Never. Heck, they even have a name for the condition of those that are just a little bit tired of hearing their ills and suffering at the hands of those evil German goyim… and no, is not necessarily the word “antisemite”. It’s called Holocaust Fatigue.

It describes the state of mind that children have after being  exposed to the Holohoax for so many years. Here’s a pdf about it.

In that pdf, you have a (jewess or not, I can’t ascertain) professor that teaches about the Holocau$t on schools and stuff. Heck, you have her kvetching about the “trivialization of the Holocaust” and the deed that her students were playing some sort of Jeopardy game with Snickers and all, awarding points to whom told the right answer. I quote from there:

This past semester, one group of students led
a Jeopardy game show to review information. The student leaders tossed out mini-Snickers bars to reward their peers for right answers. Thus, in response to the 100-point answer, “The name of the gas used to asphyxiate victims at Auschwitz,” the two teams vied to be the first to ask, “What is Zyklon B?”
The juxtapositions were excruciating to me—the game show, the candy, and Auschwitz; worse than a bad joke, the combination seemed to me an obvious example of Holocaust trivialization, and I felt embarrassed to have it occurring in my classroom.

LOL. Well, ma’am, that is what happens when you repeat a thing too many times. It loses sense. Try repeating aloud the following word: (really, say it aloud!)
table table table table table table table table table table table table
table table table table table table table table table table table table
table table table table table table table table table table table table
table table table table table table table table table table table table

Or… Do you remember this?

Substitute “badger” for “jewish”, “mushroom” for “holocaust” and “snake” for “Nazis” and you have the Holocaust narrative in a nutshell.
For over 70 years. No wonder those kids are tired of it when they reach high school or even, middle school.
And yet, you have the jews and their shabbos goy professors kvetching about “trivialization”. Of the “little thing” that “happened” to the God Yahweh’s Chosen Ones. Heck, they were the only ones who were ever genocided, right?

Why you don’t have Ukrainians telling you all the time about Holodomor? Heck, it’s damn true that spellcheckers don’t recognize Holodomor as a word. Unless you happen to have a Ukrainian spellchecker, I guess. Do you know why Holodomor is not a recognized word by the spellcheckers?

In short, it’s because Ukrainians don’t have that lobbying power. They don’t lobby the governments of the entire world like the jews do. Since I’m speaking of jewish tactics of persuasion, I’ll leave the specifics of the lobbying part for another essay.

And Ukrainians don’t have the control of the media like the jews do, either. That’s why hardly anyone knows about the Holodomor. I challenge you to ask people what they think about the Holodomor, they’ll probably correct you saying: Do you mean the Holocaust?

The jews put in the mouth of Goebbels a saying that goes more or less like this “a lie, repeated enough times, becomes truth”. That’s another tactic that I’ll develop further later. In hindsight, probably Goebbels never said that, and, even if he said it, it was probably taken out of context. Goebbels believed that good propaganda was based in truth, not in lies.

Unlike these jews that keep repeating the same lies over and over and over and over again.

Until they run thin. They milk the same lie over and over again. No wonder American kids are so damn tired of hearing about it. That trivialization, as that professor calls it, it’s because those kids are too damn tired of it. Oops, I said it again. Told you that I’m a broken disc.

And now, let’s move to another topic…

2. Twisting of the meaning of the words.

In a nutshell, in case you are getting bored of that badger song, it’s the use of a word but with the meaning changed. Warped, in a way. In order to destroy it.

Let’s take for example the word “gay”.

In case you haven’t stumbled with old books, you are for a shocker if you find written in one of them the word “gay”.

Gay used to mean (technically is not an archaism, but) happy or merry. But nowadays, you see more and more examples of the word gay in relation with homosexuality and homosexuals.

Let’s see this definition from Merriam-Webster:

Definition of gay

  1. 1a :  happily excited :  merry  •  in a gay mood

  2. b :  keenly alive and exuberant :  having or inducing high spirits • a bird’s gay spring song

  3. 2a :  bright, lively  • gay sunny meadows

  4. b :  brilliant in color

  5. 3 :  given to social pleasures; also :  licentious

  6. 4a :  homosexual •  gay men

  7. b :  of, relating to, or used by homosexuals • the gay rights movement •  a gay bar






And a couple of sentences that do not contain that word in relation with homosexuals:

Examples of gay in a Sentence

  1. The band was playing a gay tune.

  2. the gayest of the spring flowers


Shocked? If you don’t read so many books, maybe yes. Especially older books. Nowadays you see more and more examples of the word gay in relation with homosexuals. Taken from my search of the word gay in DuckDuckGo…

PLANETROMEO is your #1 gay social network and the best way to find new friends or have casual fun.

Now, does it say “gay” as in happy, merry or colorful. Does it say stately the following…?

PLANETROMEO is your #1 happy social network and the best way to find new friends or have casual fun.

Nah, it doesn’t say that. It doesn’t mean that. And don’t make me link to the “casual fun” these guys have. There’s already a Gallery of Horrors for that.

They twist and overuse the words until they don’t have the same meaning anymore. The other day, when I was making the Spanish version of the first Gallery of Horrors, I stumbled with a poem of that jew Ginsberg.

I’ll quote it:

Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!
The world is holy! The soul is holy! The skin is holy!
The nose is holy! The tongue and cock and hand
and asshole holy!
Everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is
holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman’s an
The bum’s as holy as the seraphim! the madman is
holy as you my soul are holy!
The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is
holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!
Holy Peter holy Allen holy Solomon holy Lucien holy
Kerouac holy Huncke holy Burroughs holy Cas-
sady holy the unknown buggered and suffering
beggars holy the hideous human angels!
Holy my mother in the insane asylum! Holy the cocks
of the grandfathers of Kansas!
Holy the groaning saxophone! Holy the bop
apocalypse! Holy the jazzbands marijuana
hipsters peace & junk & drums!
Holy the solitudes of skyscrapers and pavements! Holy
the cafeterias filled with the millions! Holy the
mysterious rivers of tears under the streets!
Holy the lone juggernaut! Holy the vast lamb of the
middle class! Holy the crazy shepherds of rebell-
ion! Who digs Los Angeles IS Los Angeles!
Holy New York Holy San Francisco Holy Peoria &
Seattle Holy Paris Holy Tangiers Holy Moscow
Holy Istanbul!
Holy time in eternity holy eternity in time holy the
clocks in space holy the fourth dimension holy
the fifth International holy the Angel in Moloch!
Holy the sea holy the desert holy the railroad holy the
locomotive holy the visions holy the hallucina-
tions holy the miracles holy the eyeball holy the abyss!
Holy forgiveness! mercy! charity! faith! Holy! Ours!
bodies! suffering! magnanimity!
Holy the supernatural extra brilliant intelligent
kindness of the soul!

Berkeley 1955

Heck, everything is holy there. What do you think that happens when everything is holy…?

Nothing is holy anymore. Saying that everything is holy is akin to saying that everything is red. Obviously, not everything can be red. Red is an absolute state. Like booleans. Either a thing is red or it isn’t. You may have different shades of red, but not everything can be red.

Booleans go like this: you have a value, that can be either true or false, 0 or 1. Since we are not speaking about numbers, you think that it doesn’t apply, right? Well, no. Try to say that the sky is red*. You’ll be laughed at like a madman.

*Unless you have proof that the sky is red somewhere else, you’ll be laughed at. Artistic renditions of red skies don’t count, they are human inventions/creations. Here, on Earth, on this planet, the sky is blue in normal conditions.

Well, that example is a bit abstract, right? Here’s one a bit more simple: tell me if everything in your house is red. Unless you happen to have a fondness for the color red coupled with some kind of OCD, probably is not.

And there, in that poem from Ginsberg, you see two techniques for the price of one: Repetition and Word-Twisting.

It repeats a word so much that it loses meaning. Let’s see another example…




a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire.


a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.


(usually initial capital letter) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually preceded by the).


any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.


Well, we are interested in the two first definitions. The third definition was invented by the jews in the last century (and now, it means the fourth definition for most of the population).

Crazy, isn’t it? I’m not smoking anything when I say that the Holocaust (with capital H) is a synonym for the fourth definition: “any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

Because, as you saw earlier, the Holocaust (with capital H) is the mass killing par-excellence for most of the population. The jews have the monopoly of suffering. Try writing Holodomor in any place that has a spellchecker, you’ll get that little red underline that means you wrote or misspelled a word. Or that you wrote an nonexistent word. Like “asdfgjflkasdjk”.

You’ll see examples of the third and fourth definitions everywhere. In books, songs, films and more. Of the first and second definitions, not so much, outside of the Bible…

For example:

Leviticus 1:3 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

If his offering be a holocaust, and of the herd, he shall offer a male without blemish, at the door of the testimony, to make the Lord favourable to him:


Genesis 22:7 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

Isaac said to his father: My father. And he answered: What wilt thou, son? Behold, saith he, fire and wood: where is the victim for the holocaust?

In fact, if you want to see the original meaning of holocaust (without capital H), you need to check the Bible. To understand the concept of it better, you need to read the first chapter of Leviticus, some verses of Exodus and some others from the Genesis book. There are more, but it gets repetitive after a while. Books like Ezra and Kings state that the priests offered holocausts as well. Here you have a link where it shows all the instances of the word on the jew-book.


Well, that shit, once you think about it, sounds insane. Only the priests of Israel, or the mythological patriarchs (like Abraham) can offer holocausts. Why the Germans, who were goyim (a.k.a non-jews, cattle) would offer a holocaust? Why? THE GERMANS WEREN’T JEWS, DAMMIT! IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!

Sorry that I wrote that in ALL-CAPS. But it doesn’t make any sense at all. Since the covenant with Yahweh is only for the jews, why they claim that the Germans did a holocaust? (i.e. an offering of fire).

They are lying their asses off. Neither the Holocaust (with capital H) or the holocaust (without capital H) can be done by goyim, since the covenant is only for jews. The covenant is a pact between Yahweh and the jews. The Germans don’t have that pact with Yahweh.*

*If you were paying attention or follow this blog, you probably know that I don’t believe in the Holocaust narrative at all. But I’m playing candid and pretending that it could be done by the Germans… even if the crematoria still take hours to burn a single body nowadays, never mind the crematoria of the 40’s era.


When the jews say something, they probably mean the opposite. There are several words and terms that today have twisted meanings (or are in danger of being twisted):

democracy, feminism, tolerance, rights, equality, freedom, racism*, security, affirmative action, love, hate, family, Nazi, Fascist, homophobe, bigot, and some more that don’t come to my mind right now.

*According to some sources, racism was NOT invented by that wily jew Trotsky. It appears that some guy said it way before in a conference about Indians. But, to be honest, the evidence is not really conclusive, and the fact that the Leftards love to use it to bash their enemies proves that anyway, loving your own race is verboten if you are a White. Here is another source that says yes.

Anyway, that leads us to something else…

3. How to Twist the Words and Terms so they Sound Good to the Gullible Masses.

This is another jewish tactic that has a lot to do with tactic #2. They make these words sound good or bad, according to their desire and willingness to cheat/ensnare the goyim.

Like that old saying that says: “If you can’t impress ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bullshit!”

Here’s a practical example of it:

One could say that any child could make a drawing like Twombly only in the sense that any fool with a hammer could fragment sculptures as Rodin did, or any house painter could spatter paint as well as Pollock. In none of these cases would it be true. In each case the art lies not so much in the finesse of the individual mark, but in the orchestration of a previously uncodified set of personal “rules” about where to act and where not, how far to go and when to stop, in such a way as the cumulative courtship of seeming chaos defines an original, hybrid kind of order, which in turn illuminates a complex sense of human experience not voiced or left marginal in previous art.[1]

That comes from other post ‘round here. And those words were uttered because of the shitty art of an artist even more shittier: Cy Twombly. Look at his stuff and rage.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That guy used to paint things like this:

Some crappy painting by Twombly.
Really! I’m not lying!

Can you tell me that this is art? Don’t claim that you have a degree in some art studies! I don’t care! Don’t claim lots of words and bullshit! Without resorting to obscure explanations or bizarre walls of text that don’t say really anything, can you tell me that this is art while keeping a straight face…?

“Yes.”… Well, yay! Tomorrow I’ll make art too! It’s so easy that I might start doing it now…!


You aren't missing anything by not looking at this one. Honest.
I made art!! Again!! It’s “ready-made” art.

You can’t tell me that I’ve studied, drawn, painted, and sketched lots of drawings and paintings for lots of hours. No. That’s impossible. You can’t say that I’ve drawn the human body and its parts dozens of times until I got them right. No. That would be lying and bullshitting.

Well, you won’t say “yes”. Because I’m just Gas Mask and not Cy Twombly. You don’t study Gas Mask art at school. I’m just a nobody that does shitty art… Unlike Twombly, who did shitty art but wasn’t a nobody. The jews peddled his stuff and pretended that his scribblings were art. And sold it to you, unsuspecting goy.

They sell this shitty art to unsuspecting rich guys who have a lot of money but not so much culture nor common sense. These kind of people abide by authority (and since somebody else is the expert) on these matters. So, even if they think inside that this piece of art is shit, they’ll buy anyway. In order to not look like the thing they really are: rich people without culture. New money. Poor bastards that became rich overnight and don’t know how to spend their money, so they buy “art” to pretend that they have “culture”. And “refinement”. They don’t belch on the table anymore, but five minutes ago they picked their boogers everywhere. Even on the table. Eeeeeeeew!

All right, enough of disgusting images. Why I gave you that example? Because that’s exactly how the jews operate with EVERYTHING.

Consider that they are the peddlers par-excellence. They are merchants and sellers. So, the only thing they had to do is to use their selling skills to sell you (influence you) to any idea they have. And remember, every idea that comes from them, that you allegedly have to apply so to make your life better, is bad.  This is a rule of thumb. Maybe I’m oversimplifying it, but, as the saying says…

KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Remember what they think of the goyim! Heck, even goyim is a nasty term that refers to non-jews. They think that is completely allowed, moral and desirable to cheat, swindle, rob, kill, rape and maim a goy. That is right, because Yahweh will reward them with the entire world and lots of goyim slaves.

How they can pull all of these scams off? How they can peddle their ideas so to make them become acceptable to the masses? Well, I’ve already discussed some of their techniques. But all of these wouldn’t amount to anything if they did not have the control of: the media, the academia, the government in every of its branches, the publishing houses, heck, even the Church and the religions. This is very important.

For example, they peddle the Holocaust narrative. They control the media outlets, so they can repeat the Holocaust over and over again. So nobody forgets about it, right, man? Also, since they make the majority of the film directors, producers and actors, they always have material to peddle to the goyim. They know all of our weak points and what buttons to push. They know that, if they shower us with histories of poor, innocent children being killed, we’ll yield. They also know that if they repeat every single waking day their histories, we will end up believing them. They know that, if they can create an emotive atmosphere, complete with music, images, forged “evidence” and “witnesses’ truthful testimonies” (the BAWWWWWW fest of yore), we will buy it. They also know that we won’t think that they are capable of pulling such a scam, so it must be true. I think that it was Schopenhauer who called them “the masters of the great lie”, or of “the lie”.

They are scammers of the first order. And they always did that. Only that, in this case, they did pull a scam of global proportions. With their control over the media, the academia and the governments of the Western countries, it was easy.

In this case, they used it to gain political leverage. They used lies and deception to “return” to their “promised land”. And they still do it today.

They control academia and school programs, so it’s easy to make the teachers teach lies. And they better do it. Or they will lose their jobs and probably won’t find a job anywhere in academic circles. A diabolical scheme, if you think about it.

It goes like a snowball going downhill. They can’t stop now. Or there will be hell to pay. The revenge will be terrible.

They use the authority they have over us to lie. Their alleged moral ground, because they endured the Holocaust and gave us the Bible and the Christian religion. The fondness, or deference that we have for them, they use it for purposes of exploitation. They always have been like that. They never change. That’s why Germany got so damn tired of the jews after the First World War. The Germans were one of the nations that treated the jews the best. When the nation sank to its lowest levels on its history, the jews got richer and richer, better and better conditions of life. What did the jews do? They corrupted every facet of the nation; they exploited it to the marrow; they stole and cheated and swindled the German state of millions of marks; they reviled and mocked the war efforts of the German people, even while they were fighting the war; in a word, they did everything they could in the book to deserve the Germans’ hate, and even with all of that, it took several years for the Germans to be royally pissed off at them and support the party that promised to oust them from German life.

And after the war, since the Germans lost it, the jews and the occupying forces (from the political left and right, USA and the Soviet Union, Capitalism and Communism), did everything possible to make Germans forget their history. Of why they got so damn pissed off at the jews. Of why the jews are not good for any nation, White or not, because they corrupt everything until they control it. That they had a leader and a party that served them, instead of the plutocratic power of the jews. The national spirit of Germany got shattered and broken, and they were turned into the economical powerhouse that they are still today, but paying a very high price: the destruction of their identity, their national pride, their culture, blood and race.

They used in that case, brainwashing techniques (probably hands on and with physical coercion). But they don’t have to resort to do that with the rest of us. It’s enough to control all the media, the government, religions and academia and repeat their lies over and over again, knowing what buttons to push so to make them believable. Really. It’s that easy. And given the dulled complacence of the masses, surprisingly effective. And if they don’t believe that, well, there’s something for the non-believers… JAIL!! Jail the heretics!!

That “heretic” list is not comprehensive at all. There are probably more and more anonymous people (read, not famous) that faced, or are facing fines or jail for expressing their concerns about this hoax. For stating the truth. Since when stating the truth makes you land in jail? When lies become institutionalized, that’s when.

Ditto with everything. Yes, you heard me, you “racist”. You lover of your race.

Yes, there’s too many lies circulating out there. Better be safe. Never believe what they say, even if it sounds “reasonable”, “sensible” or too believable to be a lie. Don’t believe anything they say. Even if they say the truth, they only do it so to build trust now and cheat you later.

The jews think on terms of decades, even centuries. Our fat cat politicians only think of the next election, and if they are going to be reelected or not.

They might say no to some of these lies (like in that list of countries that forbid the questioning of the Holohoax). The likes of Noam Chomsky might appear to be against that, but, heck, if he’s still alive, it’s probably because they spare him. (Because he is controlled opposition, anyway). The Left and the Right are controlled oppositions by the same hands.

So, again I say this: do not believe anything they say, don’t believe them. They will scam you over and over again. You are a goy (Gentile), they are not. And you can’t change that, even if you convert to their “religion”. Alright?

They will always scam you and cheat you and do ill. That’s a truth like the sun rises on the morning. They have always been like that. And they will always be. Over 3,000 years of war against the Gentile world proves it. 109 expulsions, bans, pogroms, sanctions, confinements and wearing of special clothing prove it. Those Gentiles (non-jews) didn’t do it out of mere spite. No. It’s impossible for that to be the truth on every sanction. They are shitty neighbors and guests, period.


Break the spell!! Before it’s too late!!

Enough of the jewish beast and its lies!!

We are running out of time!!





Also, there are points 2 and 3, but there is no point 1. And I said “Bible”. Several times.



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        Le gusta a 2 personas

      1. I dont know who the real handler is there. Looks Hipster is involved anyway. I told I would leave and certainly I dont want to come back retracting my words. I have left the place quite disgusted, to tell it all.

        Le gusta a 2 personas

        1. Yeah, I saw it. Too fixated on his own stance… is not bad to defend your stance if you believe it, but listen to the other party, too! It’s kinda that he tries to twist your words and fixate in weak points when those don’t disagree with his views.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. The discussion could have gone well beyond. The fixation with Catholicism, the materialistic conception of judaism, the myth of a foggy ethocentrism and the lack of perspective of the author do make of the post a useless essay of limited sight.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

      2. I went to Firefox and linked ASN there under another name and low and behold, my second comment submission, including my site link, was already posted! Came back here in Chrome and there it was. Great.

        Le gusta a 2 personas

        1. LOL at link. But it’s true. Methinks he doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Or he doesn’t want to see. I try to keep things simple… because I’m a simpleton too.

          Me gusta

    1. Good job. The key elements to fight his stance lay down in a ‘couple inquiries’:
      Why are u, hipster, so desperate to demonstrate there is no ‘agenda’ in judaism?
      Why do you repeat jews are ‘ethocentrics’ despite the fact they are no race?
      What leads you into thinking you can explain judaism by simply judging them from their materialistic outfit?
      Which is the difference bet. a progressive vs a conservative jew?
      Are the ‘war on terror’ slaughtering million innocents, zio- isis, adl, splc & aipac simply related to ethocentrism?
      Why you deny that sex-deviancy and genderism are connected to their ethocentrism, if most perverts are jews?
      To which extent is kosher mafia important to you?
      Which is the role of hollyjoo in your society?
      Why jooz deny any hollyjew arena of degenerative brainwashing has ever existed ?
      Why u claim they dont hide their role in hollywood which is thete in plain sight, then?
      And last: which is your take on the holoHoax…?

      Le gusta a 2 personas

        1. There’s a poster called Jeff that does more or less the same questions on that thread. He says: “But I still feel like you are working too hard to downplay Jewish power. And I don’t understand why. Even if it’s true that Jews are motivated in the same ways as other ethnocentric groups, their impact is far greater. (Perhaps because, like CFR members, the elite Jews are individually already very powerful.)” as an answer to Hipster’s reply… Among other things… It’s too long to post here, it’s kinda close at the end of the thread.

          Me gusta

        2. Ya. But if you follow this jeff, you’ll find out he ends up kissing the ass of hipster who, on the other hand, provides mostly logically faulty replies. I thought this jeff could be instrumental in the local self celebration of the starring actwhore: hipster himself.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        3. There is something else I’d ask him: Why he insists that the Protocols are just gobbledygook reflective of Christian/Catholic thought? To me, if they are really forgeries, is a moot point. Because, almost everything that is written there has come to materialize… If it is an invention, whoever invented it is a damn son of Nostradamus… because of said fulfillment. The devil (oh, that’s another thing he attacks!) disguises himself as a good guy. Has to do with point three of this essay.
          His interest is to demystify jewish power. Fine then. But one thing is to demystify, and other is to ignore the danger… I wonder if he has some belief system, or a sense of spirituality… Spirituality, at least as I see it, it’s necessary for us… A sense of it is necessary. There are several cases of Nationalsocialists/Fascists that were far, far more religious than I, and I’m O.K with that. The cases that pop immediately to my mind are those of Leon Degrelle, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and Franco in Spain. Even the Führer himself was a churchgoer. So I wonder myself how he can reconcile all of this while saying “I’m a Nationalsocialist”.
          Notice that all the men I mentioned come from Catholic backgrounds (although it’s said than Hitler didn’t die a Catholic). Anyway, they are from a time where the Catholic Church wasn’t that cucked. Does he believe in good/evil? What is his definition of said concepts? Man, I’m getting metaphysical and philosophic now!

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        4. If you have the patience to read back my comments on his blog, you will see I did highlight this specific matter. He claims that, by supporting the proven concept of their agenda, we make a deification of the jews. Which is absurd and risible. On the contrary, by unveiling their evil stance, we warn peoples about their real intentions. Telling partial truths and hiding the spiritual-evil power of globo judaism is more treasonous than idiot thing.
          In self defence a simple concept apies. Untrained criminals are able to maime & kill trained men simply because they are committed to CAUSE INJURY to the victim. This is the reason why zios succeeded in sneaking into European semi-evirated kingdoms.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        5. Yes. It’s only that’s a bit simpler to me to crack down onto… To be honest, I don’t know it all… I’m acquainted with the role of secrets societies, but not enough to make an endless debate about them… The mofo seems to know it all. The problem is that he either is being careless (read: naïve) or a disinfo agent. I may screw up time to time, but that will be because I don’t know it all. Explaining things to people that are unaware of them, like I was not so many years ago it’s the aim of this blog. I may (and I will) commit mistakes because I’m not perfect… The problem is that I’m not that good at sophistries, I’m better at explaining things with essays a la lone sniper style. But you and I know that if the Protocols are forgeries (to me are not and even if they were they hold more than an ounce of truth) are too verisimile to be just forgeries. I’m with Henry Ford at that matter, for lack of a better word.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        6. Ford was excellent and very brave in his series of expose’ about them. The comments from those who were savvy to the jews goes back thousands of years. It would be well for us to post these comments on our sites so the naive readers can understand the historical scope of the damning evidence against the jews. Let’s get started:

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        7. Don’t worry! It’s still pretty early around here. 19:37 p.m
          But you are right about the sleeping patterns. It’s just not very healthy to sleep on the day and be awake on the night. Trust me, I’ve been there.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        8. Yeah. The faggots, if I am not mistaken, did devise a plan to exterminate Germany. Fucked up scum. All of them got kvetching with that book. The jews play that game, that’s why the entire world hates them. If they weren’t such fuckheads…

          Me gusta

        9. Both. They murdered anyone connected to the nation-state, epured the others, imposed jewish teachers and professors and inculcated the guilt for an invented holohoax which you have probably heard about. Even recently, I would say….

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        10. Remember the packs of golden teeth, the hair and the clothes of the gassed jooz. Which, they say, were able alone to dress up the whole Germany at war…

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        11. The tons of gold they extracted from there! Here you have them looking for the “NaZZi gold”… Now I understand why they come to Argentina to search the gold… They want to give that gold back to the jews! So they can have golden teeth again!

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        12. Hipster is a hedonist idiot. A wannabe intellectual. He has read a few books in his life on the matter and tries hard to sound sophisticated. But it is quite vain, because, apart from some regs, other people will pin him for what it is: an attention seeking whore.
          I dont have proof he is a shill, but denying evidence by providing a limited amount of truths which cover only a part of the story is not ethical. Downplaying the role of the jewry is a treason. Providing comments ignoring what you are talking about is idiotic and sometimes hilarious. The thread was supposed to be an open one. It became clear to many that it is, again, a stale banter on the main poster.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        13. Attention seeking is a dangerous game here. What he thinks he is doing? Even my silly, ignorant ass knows that this can land you in deep shit, even in my country… AFAIK no one has been put into the gutter for doing NaZZi propaganda in Argieland, but you never know… Our president it’s a fucking crypto-jewish shill. He visited the house of The Dead Girl who Went Hiding for Two Years between 42′-44′.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        14. You will remember Hauptsturmfuhrer Priebke has been traded to the zios by Menem, if I dont go wrong, after a filthy zio jurno from ABC went in his school and aired a very offensive interview claiming he had found the “nazi war criminal”..

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        15. I knew a bit about Priebke, but not that that other crypto-jew Menem traded him to put him into the gutter. Pretty old must have been then. That zio crypto-jew shill Menehem (his real name) sold us to the bankers with crippling amounts of debt… How did that turn out? 2001 is your answer.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        16. Great peeso indeed that halb jude. Priebke, whom I had the honour to meet in person, has been used for the interest of the US cabal and the history of the desaparecidos. The italidiot govt, where the famous war retaliation of the ardeatine caves saw Priebke among the executing officers, was owned by the local zio communities. It seems it asked to have Priebke sent by place. In exchange it would have quitted the requests and clarifications about the desapares of italian origin…

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        17. I see. The desaparecidos are anyway a big scam. They weren’t 30,000, they were more close to 9,000. The number of 30,000 appeared when the State began to pay reparations to the terrorists (that’s what they really were) and their families. Some of them are alive and well. And other ex-terrorists hold a seat on the Senate and Deputy chambers… So they vote for the reparations themselves. Truly sick. Many people (including I), is tired to hear about their plight. They were terrorists trying to subvert the Peronist goverment from within, and when that failed, they resorted to the armed option. They knew what they were doing, despite their claims of innocence.
          I have made some posts (in Spanish) that deal with that matter. Obviously, saying this on public is verboten.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        18. Obviously it’s like an untouchable shrine. Indeed, some were probably just naive and died. But I bet the longa manus of the like of soros was behind most. The spanish regime, on the other hand- the one of Franco- is far away to be considered Fascism. More likely, it was reactionarism. And it was much more similar to the Arg. colonels’ regime than to Mussolini or Hitlers idea of the State Nation. I have posted somewhere excerpt from a meeting bet the Duce & Fuehrer in which they were very critical with Franco. They said they made a kind of mistake. Franco in fact was mass murdering socialists who were NOT communists & could be easily approached to the Fascist vision.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        19. Shoot me that link, please. I wasn’t aware of Hitler and the Duce opinion of Franco.
          And I agree that it was different. Franco, if I’m not mistaken, entered NATO… Neither Hitler nor Mussolini would have entered there, knowing what it is.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        20. He betrayed the Ax, skipped war, kept Gibraltar u der english rule, retired the Azul Division. A masonic mole, at the end. I don’t remember where I put that material. Maybe on the comp. Must have a look anyway.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        21. I feel slightly cocky because I cant find the link now. It is possible I have taken it from books of Revisionists I was reading and had it posted somewhere. Got to check back.
          In any case it was a leaked interview between the two leaders. Both agreed they had probably made a mistake, by helping a reactionary mole like Franco to take the power. Hitler lamented his latest mass murder of people whom Franco wrongly considered ‘reds’.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        22. Last for now. I only need you to keep concentrated and focalized on the matter: the Eeevil naZZis..!

          from the Tales of the holoHoax:

          ‘Our modern era has not been lacking in jewish miracles either…
          In fact the HoloHoax is filled with miracle after miracle that defy the principles of science…’

          -The miracle of the Jumping Buckets of Flesh-
          ‘According to the ADL-certified eyewitness and HoloHoax ‘survivor’, St Filip Muller, in his book “Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three years in a gas chamber”, NaZZi doctors cut flesh off the holy people’s legs and tossed the fresh cut flesh into buckets at the crematorium…yet somehow the flesh was still alive, and as Filip tells us, made the buckets jump around!…’

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        23. This is better comedy than the “black humor” (dunno if it’s called like that in English), but anyway, it’s funny as hell. Hahahahahaha…
          (also, even if you invented it, it doesn’t detract much from their wild tales anyway…)

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        24. You are compelling me to post more Tales (which I have abundantly reposted on many sites, RT included. Yeah, they were not so happy..)
          -They are the Real Tales of the Holohoax vailable on I just re-typed the content for pure ‘mecenatism’…

          “-The miracle of the 23 million Jews…-

          Martin Gilbert is one of the most respected high priest of the HoloHoax religion. In his catechism, St. Gilbert states that: ‘in the spring and summer of 1942…hundreds of thousands of jews were being gassed every day’. If indeed 200.000 jews were passed daily by the Nazis for the 17 weeks of spring and early summer, that would be 23.800.000 jews gassed just in these four months alone! What a miracle this must have been since there weren’t 23 million jews in the WHOLE world at that time…”

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        25. That surpasses the number of deaths that the Romans (or Greeks) inflicted on Jewdom. But don’t forget that the jews are horny bastards, and they had cloning machines dating back to 1906! Really! I saw it on a documentary on the Dis-Covery Channel!

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        26. Did you say….Romans…?

          ‘According to the jewish book, the talmud, the Romans slaughtered 40 MILLION jews during the siege of the i$rae£i fortress of Bar Kokhba. This was a GREAT miracle because according to the demographers there weren’t that many jews in the WHOLE WORLD…’

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        27. To close the night, one of the Ever Greens

          -Miracle of the Smoke-Belching Cremation Chimeys-
          In many movies as well as in the testimony of many holoHoax “survivors”, giant crematoria smokestacks belch huge, ominous clouds of thick,black smoke as jews are burned in the Nazi ovens. The movie called ‘the wall’, depicted this miracle with great piety….Yet, according to the builders patent for Auschwitz crematoria, the crematoria don’t give off any smoke or flames. It’s technically impossible for crematoria to do that because that’s exactly what cremation technology was invented to do… suppress emissions…so the smoking crematoria in Auschwitz were miraculous!…… PRAISE THE HOLY HOAX!

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        28. Here comes another:

          -Mr wiesel miracolous geysers of Blood-
          Elie wiesel is not only a miraculous gassing survivor, he’s also an eyewitness to a wonderful miracle!….wiesel who recently won a nobel ‘oscar’ in Stockholm as best tall tale of the HoloHoax, has written that, after the Nazis killed some jews in Eastern Europe, the blood of the jews began to spurt out of the ground in Geysers! These Geysers of jewish blood….according to mr wiesel….continued to flow for months…..

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        29. I have more. Last for now, Yet, a powerful one:

          -The miracle of the Gas Chamber Barber Shop-In the holy movie ‘shoah’
          We meet St. Abraham Bomba who ran a barber shop in the gas chamber at Treblinka, which according to him, featured 16 barbers plus 140 inmates, plus some benches in space that was only 16 square meters wide! This may well have been the most crowded barber shop in the world. It was a miracle the barbers could get the inmates hair cut in time for the next scheduled gassing, which according to St. Bomba was every five minutes…but it would have taken hours to vent the poison Zyklon Gas….

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        30. It’s always better to laugh, than to cry. We need humor time from time. You can also use the Snickers quote from this post. Those evil kids were playing Jeopardy with the Holoco$t! The madness!

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        31. Yeah. To think that I was willing to believe all of that crap makes me shudder. Now I laugh at it, sir, but not so many years ago I was on board with it… Nobody is perfect! (However, I didn’t hear some of the most outrageous histories, like the jumping buckets and the shitting diamonds stories, until I began to research this crap SERIOUSLY). Good for me then, because I’d have believed them anyway. The emotional coaxing the jews do it’s way too big to disregard it. Seriously. Nobody wants to be “that guy”, who is a S.O.B that questions the history of a poor victim… There are already policemen for that job, join the police forces if you wanna hear sob stories that you have to question. Remember the Mein Kampf: Hitler stated that they could get away with BIG lies, because the masses would believe a BIG lie, due to these masses not imagining that the jews would have the chutzpah to lie in something so big and so terrible. And indeed, the Holohoax it’s like a damn religion/cult.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        32. Good thing is you had the courage to watch thru the obscene veil of lies and deception. Ive read mex on HW where men in their late 60s or 70s confessed they had believed the holoTale for decades, before landing on the Truth Planet. I have been contacting many Revisionists for years, even when they sadly happened to bw confined in jail.
          Also, I have spread the word about a crucial portal about Revisionism, which is, in my opinion, the best online library containing articles of historians from all over the world.
          Now the buddy who manages the site has been forced to suspend the daily updates due to the infamous law on Thought control. Which is, as the same zio jews say, their “last chance”.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        33. It is hard now to find exactly the argument you are looking for, but it has been the most comprehensive and updated portal on the matter.

          You will be surprised to know many intetested followers were former, old style communists who understood they had been played like drums for decades.
          But this is part of the story we can discuss with Cartiermccloud later on.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        34. I have checked the link you gave me. Good stuff, even if I can’t understand all of it. I saw the letter to the Pope, it’s a shame that he is on board with that scam, but understandable, given how cucked (infiltrated) is the Catholic Church. I can’t avoid feeling a bit ashamed of this. What a shitty Pope we Argentinians gave to the Catholics.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        35. Many years ago I was engaged to an intelligence agent and we were talking about the jews one day, and I, in flaming ignorance, was defending them. He said: The jews have been thrown out of every country they entered for thousands of years. What are they doing wrong?

          That turned my head around and have been on the hunt ever since, not always consistantly, but here I am now. Using victimization as a platform always plays on the emotions of the public. Emotions are stronger then reason and blocks out all sensibilities. That’s why the Holo-costing-us-forever has lasted so long. As the old WWII liars die off, new victimization agendas are being put forth to keep free inquiry in check. This is what we have to be aware and keep fighting.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        36. That is why every thing we post must be of an evidentiary nature. Especially videos and photos. One picture can destroy 70 years of lies.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        37. That’s why I try to source my stuff. Don’t like saying things without proof… The opinion rants I do are different, however. I was turned into this with PROOF, not with hocus pocus.

          Me gusta

        38. That’s exactly right and am damn proud to know you. I can’t count the number of times I’ve screamed at bloggers to make sure their sources are pristine or they’ll lose credibility. Too many use a news article that is repeated over and over as a true source, it is not. We have to get our hands dirty and you’re doing damn well at that:)

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        39. Good for you! You at least will be ready when SHTF. Now, Merkel comes today on visit. I guess she’s gonna send Macri some of her “refugees”… Will do later a post bashing them. On Spanish, althrough I can do in English too.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

  2. Not to mention he denies the role of the CFR, bilderberg and aspen institute.
    Hipster, all those invitations for the summit, the secrecy and the agenda are there simply for your beloved ethocentrism (also whites have for your veiled admission) or you think there is something more going on?

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. The jews certainly are not stupid. The CFR, Round Table etc. are their “clubs” shall I say? in order to stay grouped in various areas around the world and to give their treasonous dupes, Gentiles, some stature of importance so they will continue to do the jews bidding. While sites like Hipsters and others love to debate what’s “going on in the world and what role does the jew have” bullshit, either deliberately or out of naivete’, continue to cloud the issue of the real agenda: the extermination of all gentiles/Whites.

      The jews are the utter essence of evil. The failure of most bloggers to address this issue leaves the “fate” of the jews hanging. I know what needs to be done but will not state it here as I don’t want Gassy’s (sorry kid) site to be blocked.

      You know it, too, don’t you, Rudolf??

      Le gusta a 2 personas

      1. And I know that too. But we will incurr in some violation of the Penal Code of Law, and the laws of Hate Speech… (Doing that already).
        Also, I’m doing a series of images of instructions for you. Gotta upload them, hope you can make something of them.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. You are correct, we must remain free and unfettered to pass the message on and push those into actually doing something about it.

          And thanks for doing that extra image work. I’m sure dear CM, looking down from heaven, will appreciate it.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Cartier, Hipster’s intention has never been to discuss the issue he’s proposing as ‘The Thread’. His wet dream is to lecture others. Alas he’s got to attend long years of education before ever thinking to master that goal..

        Le gusta a 2 personas

        1. Now I’ll make the effort of being fair:
          It is not all cr@p what he says. But:
          His declared aims ( to promote white race & national socialism) do not cope with his assertions…

          Le gusta a 2 personas

  3. Regarding the protocols, if they’re a forgery, where is the ORIGINAL document it was forged from?? HA! I posted this video on my site. I believe the narrator is the late, great Dr. William Pierce. BTW, Youtube “warned” me that this video may contain “offensive” content. Did I want to go on? Hahahaha!

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. Also, I’m shocked and appalled for that video. I’m deeply offended, lady. I didn’t see that link coming, that’s why I didn’t edit your comment… (It’s a joke!)
      Youtube knows best. It knows that I like finnish metal bands, how it won’t know that I might get offended for the video you posted. Here’s a band it knows that I like:

      Even more, it was Youtube that suggested me that!!

      It’s the loveliest song about anvils you’ll ever hear in your entire life. Puts a smile in my face every time I listen to it. This last sentence is not a joke.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. You shame me in my pathetic attempt to lead such a charming young man down the forbidden rosy path. Not my type of music but as long as you are smiling I am happy, however, I do like dark ambient playing in the background as I work or clean.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. I thought you were mad at me, LOL. That silly song indeed it’s called “Anvil” in Finnish… Now Jewtube is acting up, and coupling that with the acting up of TOR, it gets maddening… I think I have that same video (or that video as a part of something longer), with Spanish subs and all.

          Me gusta

        2. Hahaha! Mad at you?? Never. You may get a slap or two on occasion but……..

          I’ve just made spaghetti with ground beef & sauce, so do excuse me while I indulge in my lovely concoction.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

  4. BOO!! Haha! Back from the dead, gonna suck your blood.

    Thanks for the images, they help alot. I don’t think I have any link limits, Flanders is always leaving me links to read. My themes are always free because I can’t afford to upgrade to any better. I’ll tackle the menu tomorrow. Thanks again<3

    Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Thanks, but I like my themes to be attractive and catch the eye. i love my Stand or Die theme, it’s symbolic of White & Purity. I might change the other one, getting tired of all the black. When you do your new menu page, can you shoot it over to me so I can see what the final result looks like?

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. That new page was about the midgets… It was a joke… Now, you can preview how things will look without posting them, just like with the posts.
          The black theme looks sick, but that’s my silly metalhead persuasion talking… That Judeland flag burning it’s a declaration of principles… LOL. Looks better on the phone. The Stand or Die theme’s name remains a mystery for me. Also looks good on both laptop and phone.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. “In the German race there is nothing but evil. Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill!” — Ilya Ehrenberg, Jewish propagandist in the Stalin regime.

        This was the order or PERMISSION given.

        If neither of you have read the book Hellstorm, I suggest you get a copy and do so. It’s one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever read and I see it as a blue print for what’s planned for us, upgraded, of course, in technology and weapons for the past 70 years.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Haven’t read it, ma’am. I knew about that Ilya Ehrenberg (that jew!) quote. And the Allies said that they weren’t monsters! Ha! They weren’t even human, those who pitted brother against brother.

          Le gusta a 1 persona


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