A short interview made to Erich Priebke, in 2005, regarding to his 11th year of imprisonment.
“Justice left the court room and was replaced by Vengeance.”
He pretty much summed it.


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Weak Versus Strong Language In Debates

The Roper Report

By Luftschiff

Originally published in The Purity Spiral.

Debates are battles, particularly when it comes to existential issues. Non-Whites and White-hating leftists are not, and have never been, interested in fair and honest exchanges of ideas with their racial and ideological enemies, namely White nationalists. For anti-Whites, the “debate” is a solely platform to shout down and silence us before the public. If they cannot silence us, their fallback strategy is to deconstruct language and key points so that a debate cannot even take place.

The most common example of this strategy is when they play the Define Game:

White nationalist: We support a homeland for White people.
Anti-White: Define “White.”
White nationalist: Meaning anyone of European descent.
Anti-White: Define “European.”
White nationalist: Anyone whose ancestry goes back to Europe and whose ancestors built European civilization.
Anti-White: Sorry, your definitions of “White” and “European” don’t fulfill my conveniently-narrow definitions…

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